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Intervals in the Cemetery

  • 22.3mi
  • 1,685ft
  • 1:30:34
    Moving Time
  • 813


  1. Jerry Perullo

    Strong intervals. Took my KOM. Then you took your own.

  2. Eddie O'Dea

    Thanks Jerry. I was digging that loop. Have you ever had anyone say anything about riding in there?

  3. Jerry Perullo

    Oh like - contentious or negative? no not at all. I try to remind myself to be quiet/respectful in there. You also need to remember there WILL be cars now and then - made more dangerous by the false sense of safety you get by not seeing them often. At least once I saw the big SUV in time to realize I would have to severely abate my downhill attack, and then cursed it aloud, and realized it really isn't what anyone in mourning would want to hear... So in sum I think we are cool so long as we don't hit any of the occasional cars and try to keep the volume down... (audio volume)

  4. Eddie O'Dea

    I've had the same approach, but I was also pushing some limits on this ride and it got me thinking. I will continue to be respectful and look to make gains up hill and not down.