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Post Flu Shot OLH

  • 21.7mi
  • 2,263ft
  • 1:26:25
    Moving Time
  • 1,002


  1. Mateo A猫 O.

    I'm sure that was a "flu" shot. Sure, sure.

  2. Alex Mather

    dr ferrari gives the BEST flu shots.

  3. Chris D.

    San Francisco has no more flu shots to give out? Only ones left are in La Honda, CA?

  4. Alex Mather

    i went for my annual checkup and wound up getting lots of shots.

  5. Todd S.

    trying so hard to not make an inappropriate joke

  6. Alex Mather

    me too.

  7. Chris H.


  8. Chris H.

    i'd ask for my money back with a 26m OLH time :-D

  9. Todd S.

    EPOMG that's harsh

  10. Zen T.

    If I'm not mistaken your speed on the kom on Manuella is around Mach20, high hypersonic...

  11. Zen T.

    High-hypersonic 10.0-25.0 7,680-16,250 12,300-30,740 3,415-8,465 Thermal control becomes a dominant design consideration. Structure must either be designed to operate hot, or be protected by special silicate tiles or similar. Chemically reacting flow can also cause corrosion of the vehicle's skin, with free-atomic oxygen featuring in very high-speed flows. Hypersonic designs are often forced into blunt configurations because of the aerodynamic heating rising with a reduced radius of curvature.

  12. Jonathan (Jasper) S.

    Imma give you kudos, but it makes me happy that at least at one point I was faster than you at something.

  13. Alex Mather

    thanks guys - im totally printing and framing this comment thread.