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12/01/2013 Strava Segment Smashing - 2/3 KOMs ain't bad !

  • 55.9km
  • 163m
  • 1:41:47
    Moving Time
  • 1,561


  1. Michelle S.

    U ripped it up today! some KOM's and your speeds are super quick - how do u do that?

  2. Paul Riggs

    Thanks.... Recumbents are fast on the flat and descents......it's all about maintaining momentum.....overhauled a peloton on Blackgate Rd and they tried to get a slipstream but I was too fast :-). My hamstrings are killing me now tho !

  3. Michelle S.

    Im guessing recumberabts are lying down? rest those hammys - Im jealous if ur pace!!! inspiring thi

  4. Aushiker ..

    But arn't KOM for climbing?

  5. Michelle S.

    I guess u have a point there

  6. Paul Riggs

    KOM is just the leader of any segment and technically there are a few rises so they could be considered as climbs ;-p

  7. Paul Riggs

    Most importantly I am the best/fastest at those segments ;-)

  8. Michelle S.

    yeh well then U r king - tho Im queen of Barwon Heads bridge (equal fastest - does that count...

  9. Paul Riggs

    We are all Kings and Queens of our rides ;-)

  10. Michelle S.