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  • 75.2km
  • 1,300m
  • 3:34:46
    Moving Time
  • 1,830


  1. Phil E.

    G'day Wilson, been reading your thread on BNA...keep up the hard work.

  2. Wilson Wu

    Haha, cheers mate. You're my first follower!

  3. Phil E.

    No probs:) Your story reminds me a bit of myself when I was your age, only difference is there was no internet back then!! The quickest way for you to build strength, cardio and general ability is to head out and do as many climbs as possible. This one is an awsome example, I wish I had something like this near me!! Do it every weekend, if not twice, ride 3 days during the week 50km a day and watch how strong you are after 2 months of that. The climbs will never get any easier than they are now....you will just ride up them faster. Next step is to chase 10+kph up those mountain segments as an average, then chase 15kph avg. Once you can average 30+kph as an average over you whole ride, in my opinion, thats when your ready to start racing/join a club etc. Your young enough to make a real go of this, start heading of from home by 6am on the weekends and keep riding this hill!!

  4. Wilson Wu

    30+kph as average? I can probably be a Protour rider!
    If yo dont have hills around you, I think you should do some high intensity intervals, I heard that it helps.

  5. Phil E.

    It took me about 9 months, I can do the M7 here in Sydney at an average of 34kph over 80kph, not a huge amount of climbing in there though!! That's a long way from the 45kph+ average over 3500km that the pro's do in the Tour de France!! Its just a case of being committed and riding the hills regularly, everything else falls into place:)