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12/01/2013 Lake Mountain Climb with Hells 500

  • 41.7km
  • 1,012m
  • 1:59:21
    Moving Time
  • 1,128
  • 119
    Suffer Score


  1. Robert R.
    Robert Rau

    well done Bec, hope you enjoyed the scenery too :)

  2. Greg  S.
    Greg S.

    No bad for a girl who says she can't climb...nice speed!!

  3. Greg P.
    Greg P.

    Hey Bec. Well Done - had a good ride?

  4. Bec Sox F.
    Bec Sox F.

    Was a lovely ride so beautiful the whole way up. Bloody cold coming back down.

  5. Bec Sox F.
    Bec Sox F.

    Greg check out our HR going back down the mountain

  6. Steve M.
    Steve M.

    hells bells!

  7. Geoff L.
    Geoff L.

    Fantastic times Bec, looks like all those post christmas KM's have done you well!

  8. R D.
    R D.

    heard a lot about the Hells 500

  9. Greg  S.
    Greg S.

    Frightening, HR for u stalling coming down!!

  10. Bec Sox F.
    Bec Sox F.

    Dobbo it was my first ride today with the Hells 500 awesome probably still wouldn't do them justice . Greg it was windy I pretty much rolled the whole 22km down on my brakes (chicken)

  11. Steve V.
    Steve V.

    Fantastic Bec, well done!