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Sam Jeffries

Aldgate, South Australia, Australia
  • 236
    Activities in 2018
  • 8,419.3
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 368

Everesting Cleland Access Road. Completely nuts experience. What a nuts bunch of blokes. What a nuts bunch of awesome mates that came out. What a nuts night / day. Dave & Mikael - you're both the radest.

Ride August 22, 2015
  • 183.5km
  • 9,635m
  • 11:57:09
    Moving Time
  • 10,305
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  1. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Elevation correction required - my Garmin had a meltdown in the fog.

  2. Luke D.
    Luke D.

    Ouch!! You rode that today Sam? Amazing !!

  3. Marc G.
    Marc G.

    Legend. Super effort mate

  4. Mikael Liddy
    Mikael Liddy

    Mental effort, congrats!

  5. Will Thompson
    Will Thompson

    Amazing! Well done Sam!!

  6. Steve M.
    Steve M.

    Well done, you certainly fought to the end. Was nice to meet you today.

  7. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Cheers all.

  8. Grant I.
    Grant I.


  9. Ryan T.
    Ryan T.

    Your descending frightened me and your climbing was something that should have been televised. Serious talent old boy!

  10. Peter G.
    Peter G.

    Super super effort Sammy, so good

  11. Dan H.
    Dan H.

    Mindblowing mate! Muchos respectos..

  12. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Ah, shucks. I'm blushing.

  13. Peter G.
    Peter G.

    & not sure if you saw the result at Unley today Sammy? You almost did 1 lap per losing point! I should have stayed with you!!!

  14. Ryan T.
    Ryan T.

    Only about 3 laps off the 10k?

  15. Adrian Frinsdorf
  16. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    (I think Strava may have over-estimate somewhat... an everesting, yes, but not quite that vert. We'll see what the Hells500 / Evertsing.cc team work out as more factual)

  17. Daniel kelly
    Daniel kelly

    Top effort Sam. Your a machine

  18. Ben  A.
    Ben A.

    Well done Sam. Top effort.

  19. Mark Slee ☁️
    Mark Slee ☁️

    Man, you are the biz. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it.

  20. Kerry V.
    Kerry V.

    Congrats. You did it !!

  21. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Thanks everyone!

  22. ruhi  ‼️
    ruhi ‼️

    Amazing effort well done you'll sleep well tonight

  23. James Tindley
    James Tindley

    Absolutely amazing riding Sam, I'm in awe! Well done.

  24. Boon Tee
    Boon Tee

    Congrats! If I had known, I would have come out to lend more encouragement, not that you needed it :-)

  25. Andrew Rothwell
    Andrew Rothwell

    Inspiring stuff Sam. When I grow up I want to do that

  26. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    No you don't, Rock. It hurts. It hurts a lot.

  27. Adam W.
    Adam W.

    Great stuff Sam! Welcome to the club!!!

  28. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    BOOM! You rocked that shit brah! Cracking ride, and great to do it with you Sambo. Welcome to the club.

  29. D F.
    D F.

    Well done mate, nice to meet you today.

  30. Rachelle Sandow
    Rachelle Sandow

    Wow! Incredible! I can't quite believe that it's even possible to do what you did on a bike yesterday. Awesome effort!!!

  31. Luke Broomhall ☁️
    Luke Broomhall ☁️

    Great stuff Sam!

  32. rack rouvray
    rack rouvray

    Full kudos

  33. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Thanks again, everyone. @el figero thanks for the sherpa work on the last lap - I was still doubting if I could get it done!

  34. Ivan Clark ☁️
    Ivan Clark ☁️

    Brilliant work Sam. Unbelievable effort.

  35. Dirk Gardner
    Dirk Gardner

    What a machine. You probably didn't feel it but you looked pretty comfortable all day. Top effort man!

  36. James Jackson
    James Jackson

    Amazing job Sam!

  37. James T.
    James T.

    Wow. You really are nuts! Congratulations

  38. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    @steve martin & @el fighero... I've said a massive thanks to all my mates that came out in cars or bikes to roll a few laps or just bring some awesome and required banter but then there's blokes like you that just turn up and help out a few randoms.... True nutters, confirmed legends. I can't thank you enough.

  39. Steve M.
    Steve M.

    My pleasure Sam, hope you're not suffering too much today.

  40. D F.
    D F.

    No probs Sam. Good to know another cycling cat who calls the hills home.

  41. Richard Mackenzie
    Richard Mackenzie

    Sam I am embarrassed you gave me kudos for my pathetic ride. Kudos does not do justice to your ride. I am torn between awe and a feeling you need to be committed. Well done

  42. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Hells yeah! Welcome to the Hells crew! We've popped this sucka into the www.everesting.cc hall of fame. So tidy.

  43. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    ^^Best ever comment. Thanks @Andy van Bergen. So stoked! Kaboom.

  44. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    SHIT YEAH MOTHA FUCKAAAA!!!! THAT's how you start a Monday!

  45. Katie H.
    Katie H.

    Huge effort old mate Jeffo!

  46. Nathan E.
    Nathan E.

    Well done Sam as Dirk mentioned we thought you looked the bizzo all day - Hells500 membership sorted!!!!

  47. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Thanks Nathan...really didn't feel the bizzo for the last few 20 or so repeats! likewise, you just kept at it - so much of it is mental strength and you're completely mental! Well done on the 2nd Everest.


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