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Cleland Access Road Everesting

Ride August 21, 2015
  • 185.9km
  • 9,413m
  • 12:43:38
    Moving Time
  • 10,775
  • 693
    Relative Effort
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  1. Sam Jeffries

    There it is... well done, Dirk. Nuts.

  2. Nathan E.

    How did you get your file sorted Dirk? I'll be emailing strava ASAP to fix mine

  3. Steve D.

    Congrats Dirk on Everest #2! You are a mad man!

  4. Ryan T.

    Awesome ride Dirk! You Everesters are a strange breed.

  5. Nathan E.

    Dirk strange without everesting

  6. Ryan T.

    Was it the D&B that gave you guys special powers ?

  7. Dirk Gardner

    Having brothers in bikes to ride alongside the whole day is what gets me through.

  8. Nathan E.

    I love you dirk

  9. Dirk Gardner

    As I in turn love you

  10. Dave Edwards

    Blatantly homoerotic the three of you. But that's cool, whatever gets you through. Didn't look so good half way through, but rallied well and finished STRONG

  11. Dirk Gardner

    Being so wet when it wasn't even raining was definitely getting to me! Not dirty.

  12. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Very tidy effort Dirk, seriously love your work! This sucka is now in the www.everesting.cc hall of fame

  13. Dave Edwards

    BOOM!! Monday start - perfect

  14. Dirk Gardner

    Dry humping the air right now!!!

  15. Nathan E.