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Everesting #3 Cleland for 10k vert

  • 207.8km
  • 10,752m
  • 13:32:52
    Moving Time
  • 10,940


  1. Easy T.

    You fucking lunatic! Monster effort!!

  2. Dave Edwards

    I elevation corrected as It was very heavy fog for hours and hours, and it seemed to plug up my Garmin. There was 5000m of elevation missing. I did more than the km's we calculated I would need to get 10k

  3. Dan F.

    Well done Dave. Still think we should have had a beer to celebrate 8848. Or at least shared the last eclair.

  4. Dave Edwards

    I ate the last eclair when no-one was there! Having a beer shortly. Got BAD motion sickness in the car on the way home

  5. snappy don

    Interested to hear you had Garmin probs. I was just pootling around but my elevation got stuck today too

  6. Jason J.

    Epic Epic Epic!!!! Your are definitely the KOE

  7. Lewis G.

    Well done mate!!

  8. Nathan E.

    Im missing 40odd ks distance and around 2000 vert - hopefully can correct it

  9. Ryan T.

    Mental as anything !

  10. Ryan T.


  11. Sam Jeffries

    This blows my mind. How you just keep on climbing is fucking amazing. Epic. Awesome. We're not worthy.

  12. Rob Greenwood ☁️

    Insanely awesomeness Mate . Triple Crown for you

  13. Mikael Liddy


  14. Dirk Gardner

    Super impressive considering the early mechanical problems.

  15. Aliang Cycling

    Wow... super...

  16. . D.

    Impressed.....Massive VMs

  17. Adam Watt

    Nice work mad man... I was surprised you remembered I was there by the state you where in... Craving pizza or beef stroganoff..

  18. Dave Edwards

    I DO remember that now Adam. Pretty sure at the end of a long effort, food is 100% of what I am thinking about

  19. Michelle S.

    Amazing effort, clearly you are crazy but what an inspiration!!

  20. Teddles J

    RAD riding yesterday, bummed I couldn't get out and ride 1/4 to 1/2 the VM's with you, unsure how you can sit on a bike seat when you have balls as big as yours!!!

  21. Dave Edwards

    You are 100% cool Teddles, marathon the next day makes you plenty excused. THOSE ECLAIRS!!!! Food highlight of the day. I have a seat with a cutout....

    Oh and inspirational? Nah. Just a regular bloke, doing what he can to get by. A very stubborn regular bloke...

  22. Teddles J

    Pigs bum, I got grab you for a beer or three so I can talk to you about the Cairns Ironman, I'm rad with 2 of the 3 legs, 3.8km swim sounds fucking scary :-(

  23. Dave Edwards

    Swim is easy. Really easy. A discarded coke bottle can do the first 500m at 1:40 pace just from the draught. Ironman is not that hard. Unless you everest the week before...

  24. John Van Seters

    Well done Dave !

  25. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Holy shit, that is an amazing ride dude. This sucka is not planted in the www.everesting.cc hall of fame. Stunning.

  26. Sam Jeffries

    ^^What Andy said...and he knows fucked-up rides!

  27. Dave Edwards

    HAAAA HAAAAAA!!!! FUCK YES! That's the message I've waited for. Ta mate

  28. Nathan E.


  29. Nathan E.

    Can't spell I'm so excited

  30. Steve M.

    Stonking effort Dave, it was nice to chat with you, albeit briefly.

  31. Dave Edwards

    You too Steve! That was great of you to pop out and roll around with is for a good while, thank you