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Laziest ride I've had in years.

  • 32.7km
  • 162m
  • 1:26:11
    Moving Time
  • 755


  1. Adam  A.
    Adam Aleksandrowicz

    How long do you think this will last?


  2. Phife D.
    Phife D.

    Didn't even know this was a segment nor that I had another KOM?! Did you create it?

    Not long at all, I do remember that day when I did set it though. The wind was SW so that was with a headwind that segment.

    I'd say, what, your next ride ;) ?

  3. Adam  A.
    Adam Aleksandrowicz

    Nah, I didn't create it. However new ones just pop up all the time around the area. I have a 'thing' for ones in Juc though.

    However it's not cool to deliberately grab ones from people you know I reckon.

  4. Phife D.
    Phife D.

    Yeah, I can understand you have a thing for the Juc segments. I have been eyeing off the Ocean Bvd segment for a while but haven't had a chance to have a crack at it. I'm sure that one is probably on your to do list.

    Yeah, it's not but it really depends on the character that you pinch it from. See, if you plucked one of mine, it'd probably make me want to go out and get it back = fitness, so I'd be all for someone to pick up one of my KOM's. Don't you reckon?

  5. Phife D.
    Phife D.

    I mean, Sunset Strip. Not Ocean Bvd.

  6. Phife D.
    Phife D.


  7. Adam  A.
    Adam Aleksandrowicz

    Yes I know the one. Shouldn't be too difficult. I'm also thinking about Hoylake again too and trying to take another second off it. At the end of the day though, these segments don't mean much unless you want to have fleeting moments of virtual glory. As we saw yesterday, if you want to get serious then it's all about pinning on a number.