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01/15/2013 Woodend, VIC, Australia

  • 45.4km
  • 481m
  • 1:32:23
    Moving Time
  • 1,125
  • 94
    Suffer Score


  1. Sean D.
    Sean Dixon

    Might have to come across and get you to take me on a ride soon mate. What you think?

  2. Jamie S.
    Jamie Solomons

    your racking up the kays mate good luck with your race goals
    Have u done 100k race before

  3. Stewart W.
    Stewart Went

    sure - Wombat track is in great nick (no surprise given lack of rain) and there's a few other bits and pieces of single track to fill out to 25km or thereabouts. I'm back in town early Feb so let me know..............

  4. Stewart W.
    Stewart Went

    Jamie - only did the 50km last year (only started riding seriously last year after a 12yr lay-off). Best I've done is 90km at YY but that joint is as flat as a tack!!

  5. Jamie S.
    Jamie Solomons

    I would say you hangs has more climbing from my experience sure as hell felt like it at the yowie 66 and woody pretty flat really ... I have done 3 or 4 50 s there and one hundred a few years ago which was very hard and it's too hard to ride 100 k mtb to train easier to so 2 to 3 hr rides

  6. Sean D.
    Sean Dixon

    Hi Stewart give me a call when you get a chance 0408381190