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Be prepared to see this loop a lot

  • 60.2mi
  • 3,320ft
  • 2:53:59
    Moving Time
  • 2,780


  1. Ross Baldwin

    No pressure or anything, but get creative with some segment names. "1 hidden segment" in 60.2 miles. Not in the US of A

  2. Dave H.

    That's because its Argentina, not the US of A...It's one of those other far away lands that Americans sometimes hear of in books, except not Hawaii or Alaska. ;)

  3. Pete L.

    Ahh, back to the android app. You spoiled us with real power data ... those were the days

  4. Alberto R.

    you're my idol!

  5. Tad Nakano

    What a GREAT gig! Be well

  6. Tad Nakano

    What a GREAT gig! Be well

  7. Tom F.

    All the best in your race down there. Hopefully, the weather won't be quite so deranged this year!

  8. Nathan T.

    The old out and back, huh? I take it there aren't many bike friendly roads?