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Transcontinental 2015 Race

  • 3,023.5km
  • 19,486m
  • 124:40:08
    Moving Time
  • 61,628


  1. Edward Scoble

    Only 16 kudos? you're better off doing a couple laps of Richmond Park to gain more kudos!

  2. Leo T.

    still mega.

  3. Leo T.

    ah. you KOM'd the segment I created. nice one.

  4. james hayden

    Yeah kinda proud of that!

  5. Edward Scoble

    You know that KOM gonna stay for quite some time until 2016.

  6. Brian Kelly

    Kudo from Canada ! !

  7. Charles B.

    Just from this from Wattage. Well done again

  8. james hayden

    Thanks Charles! Hope to come on some winter weekend rides so hope to see you!

  9. Charles B.

    @Edward. It's because it's not uploaded at the time so it doesn't show in peoples feeds so only a few people have actually seen this.

  10. Can TURK

    congratulations;inspiring all there is no limit for human :)