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Spin o rama

  • 45.0mi
  • 1,610ft
  • 2:14:50
    Moving Time
  • 1,531
  • 53
    Relative Effort


  1. Landry Bobo

    91 Degrees sound REALLY nice right now

  2. Strava A.

    130 bpm hr max for 20 avg speed is unreal

  3. Strava A.

    oh yeah! this proves he's not human. He's a machine!!

  4. Jae R.

    Ted just let ppl know the truth, ITS JUST TOO EASY!!!!

  5. Nathan T.

    Listen Heart, you are going to stay at 121bpm for the rest of this ride - or else! #control

  6. Javier J. R.

    Welcome to Argentina Ted! How are you holding up with the mild weather? :) We'll be there to see the Tour on Friday and Saturday, we'll be riding + driving from Cordoba.

  7. yuki mikami

    Heart rate is constant!!

  8. Diego Vega

    Welcome to south america!