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Leigh HS - Beer Mile

  • 1.0mi
  • 7:02
    Moving Time
  • 8:19/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 160


  1. Jeff Clowers

    And just for posterities sake - I can hit sub 8 easy I couldn't chug the beer as fast as I did. Need to work on this ! :)

  2. Fat T.

    Are you sure?

  3. Loren Lewis

    Slower pace than your warmup! (As opposed to Johnny who let the foamy rocket fuel kick in.) Tis OK. Practice!

  4. Jeff Clowers

    I am a better chugger than most folks... couldn't do it tonight. Have to bring my game face for our Vertical beer mile :)

  5. Jeff Clowers

    My pace was faster (6:55 vs 7:59 ) it was the 4 beer chugs that I couldn't get right. Well practice again in 6 months I guess. :)