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Ultimate Crusher Challenge Randonnee Double Century Fondo

  • 196.9mi
  • 17,968ft
  • 16:17:47
    Moving Time
  • 8,487


  1. Dragan Filipovic

    About time you get back on a bike

  2. David Moss

    Now I can go to bed. Glad you made it.

  3. Kenneth Samuel

    Wow, that Pine Canyon climb from Midway to Guardsmen was brutal with 175 miles in the legs

  4. Kenneth Samuel

    I was hoping to find a nice dirt road from Chalk Creek to Whitney, instead I found a nasty dirt road, I had to walk large portions of it. I'll try Moffit pass next time, the road that direction looked much better

  5. Kenneth Samuel

    On 700x38 Compass tires, they're way more durable than the Schwalbe TBs I've been riding

  6. Kenneth Samuel

    Highlights: sunrise on big mountain, BCC descent under a full moon, mirror lake highway, saw lots of turkeys and deer, lots of fun roads with no traffic

  7. Kenneth Samuel

    SR600 Day 1 will have 215 miles with 18k' of climbing, so this was a good approximation

  8. Dan H.

    $! You're the man!

  9. Team Laws

    wow. that's epic for sure! we did the Chalk Creek to Mirror Lake segment on road bikes and seriously regretted it. Now there's three of us on that segment. Ugh