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this was fastened training protocol again!

  • 84.4km
  • 1,050m
  • 2:41:52
    Moving Time
  • 2,465
  • 56
    Relative Effort


  1. Daniel Wojtyna (VACC / WAY2CHAMP)

    What about the weather?

  2. Carlos Mendoza

    Must be nice cycling in warm weather! California is 43 degrees near Yosemite

  3. Stephen McWilliams

    What is fastened training protocol? Laurens?

  4. Martijn de Groot

    Trainig without breakast. Improves fat oxidation, glycogen resynthesis etc. Lots of research on this topic done at Leuven University.

  5. Rob T.

    @Martijn de Groot: But not to long right?

  6. Martijn de Groot

    For us mere mortals 1 to 1.5 hrs of fasted training is probably enough to start with. But for a pro 84km is still pretty short.

  7. Strava A.

    You are the coolest. Thanks for sharing these!

  8. Bart H.

    right on LTD, breakfast is for post-ride

  9. Telmo D.

    does it work?

  10. Dirk Verleyen

    Without breakfast ? The ride started at 2.33pm...

  11. Martijn de Groot

    Without lunch then ;-)

  12. Stephen McWilliams

    Anyone have any more info on this training technique? I do it often, just empty with coffee and then do 2-3 hours at tempo or less but wondering how hard/long should the rides be to get max benefit. Also ow many rides a week should be done empty?

  13. Stephen McWilliams

    Could all rides be done on empty? Then on some higher intensity/longer rides eat during? Is it bes do stay below FTP when trying to maximise fat oxidisiation? Also How do you avoid cramp if only having water?

  14. Telmo D.

    you hold tempo for 3 hours? you're afreaking machine!!

  15. Laurens ten Dam

    @everybody. Protocol is normal breakfast, 2,5 hour depletion ride. Lunch omelette. And than the blocks at 2.30pm. After blocks allowed carbs again.

  16. Martijn de Groot

    That's pretty hardcore.

    How dow you feel during this fasted block training? Does it feel like bonking all the time (cold, low HR, bad performance etc)?