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Tour of Arran

  • 54.9mi
  • 3,383ft
  • 8:31:04
    Moving Time
  • 9:18/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,937


  1. Barrie J.

    Great pace Debs :) Roll on spartathlon

  2. Brian Campbell

    Good going Debbie

  3. Stephen S.


  4. Marcus Scotney

    I'd buy that for a dollar!!!!! Awesome running

  5. Caldy 70

    unusual and slightly epic. GO Debs!!

  6. Helen J.

    Wow was that a solo training run?

  7. Barney Whitfield

    Amazing! Massive inspiration.

  8. A Wrun C ..

    Superb! great stuff Debbie

  9. Rob S.

    You mad my run today look like a 10km, well done :)

  10. Debbie Martin-Consani

    Thanks all. Had an amazing day. Great route, chat and views. We certainly amused the tourists - and the local bus driver ;-)

  11. Caldy 70

    the bus driver (or one of them) is fond of the racing line round the island, first name Gordon, nicknamed 'FLASH'.

  12. Matt Moroz

    Very cool indeed!

  13. Rodger S.

    Excellent... Was researching that very route. You've thrown down the gauntlet.

  14. Ultrakazy 1.

    One of my favourite places. Great running. Love the rainbow pic

  15. Ally Thomson

    Great running, you ran through my village at Blackwaterfoot.

  16. James Stewart

    Super stuff! In good nick by the looks of it!

  17. Andy W.


  18. John Kynaston

    Great fun Debs. Did you try recharging your Garmin? Taper sensibly for Spartathlon!

  19. Conrad W.

    Amazing photos and run!