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Phill Connell

Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • 12
  • 75.2
    miles Ridden
  • 148

Snowy Sunday Shenanigens

Ride January 20, 2013
  • 11.1mi
  • 644ft
  • 1:43:10
    Moving Time
  • 554
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  1. Adrian Waterhouse

    Did you enjoy the drifted where's the trail bits and icy descent to Piethorne?

  2. Graham Booy

    About time u went out

  3. Phill Connell

    That ice was, erm, interesting!

  4. Rob Woolfson WCR

    kudos for going out in the freezing cold

  5. Phill Connell

    It was toasty whilst moving - so... apart from the icy downhill walk!

  6. Adrian Waterhouse

    did you see the amazing ice sculpture/overflow at bottom of the downhill, I wasn't brave enough to remove my gloves to take a photo

  7. Phill Connell

    Oh no, I must have been facing the wrong way. I regretted not getting any ice shots to be honest. I put a couple of snowy ones on the blog though. My hands were nice & warm by the time I got down there, although I think it was warmer on Sunday than when you went down.

  8. Adrian Waterhouse

    I went down Sunday as well you will have been following my slidey sideways tracks until the cheeky bit. I stopped at the bottom for a drink and noticed people walking over for a look at the ice falls

  9. Phill Connell

    Funnily enough I saw more people out than ever, cyclists & walkers. The lure of the winter, eh? Shame I missed the photo-opportunity!