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We went for that Bedar KOM. Think i got it!

  • 214.4km
  • 2,696m
  • 6:28:36
    Moving Time
  • 5,613
  • 126
    Relative Effort


  1. Russell Ray Team Kyle’s Bike Shop

    Got it by just a little..LOL

  2. Leigh Edwards

    Only just!

  3. bruno fartlek

    115 bpm to obtain an avg. of 33 for more than 200km. Should we weep or should we laugh? Even if you you were drafting for a while: unbelievable.

  4. David G.

    jesus, hell of a ride for january.

  5. Jamie Busher

    Crazy HR with those stats, think I hit 115 just putting on my overshoes!!

  6. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    You put Bedar and several others out of reach. Good Job!

  7. John O.

    Laurens you are a machine, I love seeing your list of climbing KOM's vs low HR Awesome.

  8. Strava A.

    7 KOMS in the ride,looks like your on the right track for the season!

  9. Mark Jansen

    Lekker trainingstemperatuurtje

  10. Martijn de Groot

    Any chance to motivate your teammates to post their rides on Strava as well?

  11. Jerome D.

    27 pages, each with 20 KOM's, let's make it an even 30.

  12. Daniele Morbidelli

    Hi Laurents, very impressive watts...FTP around 400?

  13. Eoghan K.

    You de man!

  14. John Oostdijk

    Laurens, goed bezig!!!!!

  15. Erik B.

    early form alarm!!! ability to recover after 6h of riding at 6th day of trainingcamp..kick in a threshold (?) effort up to 177bpm , reach 493W..AND in 4min back to 81bpm !

  16. Mark Jansen

    Dit jaar is het jaar van onze schoon rijdende helden :)

  17. m van rosum

    Wij moeten maar eens stoppen met dat gezijk

  18. Dr. Gregg Risner

    Laurens, if your team needs a Chiropractor, I am free.

  19. Abadie Francis

    you ave a good motivation. good luck