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01/20/2013 Bloomington, IN

  • 84.5mi
  • 4,904ft
  • 4:08:20
    Moving Time
  • 3,750


  1. Jered Gruber

    Why did you do an out and back down south? Why not do that super cool looking road just over to the west on the way back - Chapel Hill? Out and backs are lame. You won't be doing any out and backs on my watch. With that said, next weekend's WBL - Alto - is a damn out and back. I hate out and backs. AHHHHH!

    In other news - damn son, looks like you're riding strong. I like those numbers! I'm sure you do too.

  2. Ryan Knapp

    Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan the out and backs either, but this group ride does this route every Sunday in the winter. It can be pretty fast paced, so it gives the dropped riders a chance to get back on the train on the way back to town.

    Pretty pumped to get my first taste of the famous WBL this weekend!