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Active recovery with 2 PR attempts.

  • 20.0mi
  • 888ft
  • 1:05:33
    Moving Time
  • 705


  1. Chasqui Runner

    Holy crap, this bike is fast. One of the PRs was super soft so it doesn't count. I'm sure I can still go 2 mins faster with little effort-
    The other PR is part of my fitness test loop. My previous best time was at peak fitness with my tt bike all decked out. Today I broke that, pushing hard with shallow rims and leaving some in the tank.
    I also came 2 secs shy from breaking another 7.3 mile segment...
    Can't wait to see what Wiracocha can do with deep wheels and actual fitness.

  2. Gina Mesa

    ^ who ya talkin to?

  3. Chasqui Runner

    Not you. =P
    I kid, no one. I usually make notes after every ride.. about how i felt, where i can improve, etc. that way when i compare performances it's easier to recall certain aspets of a particular work out.
    Note: I almost got taken out by a horse today.... true story

  4. Gina Mesa

    You and Mike are having bad luck with the wildlife. First I hear of a run in with a deer, and now a horse? I almost ran over a rabbit a few days ago, does that make me cool too?

  5. Chasqui Runner

    A rabbit?? Get back to me when you have a squirrel jump on you from a tree trying to hitch a ride.

  6. Gina Mesa

    I could put my cat in a backpack ....