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Screaming Mavic freehub

  • 23.2mi
  • 2,839ft
  • 1:53:22
    Moving Time
  • 1,540


  1. Michael C.

    you might consider something called 'regular maintainance' Oh stephen...

  2. Steve DeLong

    i think it has the original chain and cassette and brake pads too still. i might have actually ordered pawls a while back for this but where the fuck are they? and the pulley wheels are both cracked and the new ones are on my couch. what i really need is a new bike. this one scares the shit out of me.

  3. Michael C.

    Dude, you needed a new rb the day you got the one you have.

  4. Chris Crosby

    In Steve's defense, those Mavics are notorious for making noise. I recall a Wed-AM SoMo session w/ Hoss where is sounded like the wheel was about to detonate.

  5. Steve DeLong

    But only at ~40 mph which is comforting