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Put that in your Base and smoke it - little bit of faffing, all in all a good ride 21/01/2013 San Bartolomé De Tirajana, Canary Islands, Spain

  • 109.1km
  • 2,262m
  • 4:32:50
    Moving Time
  • 4,446
  • 117
    Relative Effort


  1. tony wilcox

    hope you kept up with gavine and gaffer ok......

  2. Rab Wardell

    Unfortunately they left this morning and we didn't get a chance to catch up Tony

  3. Gavin B.

    Some of us are working Tony.....

  4. Dr C

    Gaffer.....bit of respect Narco......Rab, try the Spaghetti Seafood in the Atacaya Restuarant.....garnished with a bit of Dutch Rabolady - to die for

  5. Dr C

    Hey, how come I lug my fat ass 88kg around the same course and burn 3000 cals, and you whizz your shrimp like physique around and burn 4400 cal - that's just unfair!

  6. Rab Wardell

    I dunno Dave, I don't make the rules. How hard were ya working? Riding the same route tomorrow but in reverse and throwing in 40 mins of TH work. Burning more kcals i think.

  7. Gavin B.

    Enjoy that tomorrow Rab - great climbing up Serenity. Surf the faffing will diminish, best not to letbit become endemic!

  8. Terence M.

    Nice! Some great riding around there