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Put that in your Base and smoke it - little bit of faffing, all in all a good ride 21/01/2013 San Bartolomé De Tirajana, Canary Islands, Spain

  • 109.1km
  • 2,262m
  • 4:32:50
    Moving Time
  • 4,446
  • 117
    Suffer Score


  1. tony wilcox

    hope you kept up with gavine and gaffer ok......

  2. Rab Wardell

    Unfortunately they left this morning and we didn't get a chance to catch up Tony

  3. Gavin Browne

    Some of us are working Tony.....

  4. Dr C.
    Dr C.

    Gaffer.....bit of respect Narco......Rab, try the Spaghetti Seafood in the Atacaya Restuarant.....garnished with a bit of Dutch Rabolady - to die for

  5. Dr C.
    Dr C.

    Hey, how come I lug my fat ass 88kg around the same course and burn 3000 cals, and you whizz your shrimp like physique around and burn 4400 cal - that's just unfair!

  6. Rab Wardell

    I dunno Dave, I don't make the rules. How hard were ya working? Riding the same route tomorrow but in reverse and throwing in 40 mins of TH work. Burning more kcals i think.

  7. Gavin Browne

    Enjoy that tomorrow Rab - great climbing up Serenity. Surf the faffing will diminish, best not to letbit become endemic!

  8. Terence M.
    Terence M.

    Nice! Some great riding around there