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Tour of San Luis, stage 1

  • 106.3mi
  • 2,381ft
  • 3:56:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,764


  1. Karan D.

    106.3 miles in a moving time of 3hrs 56 mins?

  2. Landry Bobo

    @Karan, these are Pro's riding in a giant peloton, as fast as they can, it's fast, get used to it, the fact that it was a flat stage help too.

  3. Juan carlos

    ZOOM ZOOM!!! nice

  4. Dave M.

    Nice season opener Ted! Wish I could average 27.0 @ 223W. Awesome. Ride on!

  5. Dave M.

    Nice way to open season Ted. Wish I could average 27.0 @ 223W. Awesome... Ride on!

  6. Adam Shutes

    Fascinating to look at the speeds and power around those last few corners as the trains do their work. Thanks!

  7. Matt Celek

    He averaged 175 watts, this was a recovery ride!

  8. Monjurul Haque B.

    Shame Sagan couldnt get a podium finish after all the work from the liquigas boys.

  9. Ted King

    Who's Liquigas? CANNONDALE yo.

  10. Brent Sears

    Team Cannondale 1st after stage 1.

  11. Monjurul Haque B.

    Apologies Ted, force of habit. In my defence your profile pic does still have liquigas on it, and i watched the race during a lecture so didn't have commentators to remind me of new sponsor changes.

  12. Paul A.

    Ted, what kind of power measurement system are you using?

  13. Bob D.

    Thanks for sharing your data! Are you the only rider in San Luis on Strava? Looks like it.

  14. Ted King

    @Paul Anders, http://www.cannondaleprocycling.com/2013-sponsorssponsors/

  15. Ted King

    ...as in, SRM

  16. Daniel B.

    Wow, nice!

  17. Daniel B.

    Wow, nice!

  18. Wesley O.

    Wow, largest downhill Last 107.6 km Avg Grade -0.4% Elev Difference -413 m Elev Gain 105 m Elapsed Time 02:12:11 Resting Time 00:00:00 Average Speed 48.8 km/h Power 188

  19. Patrick Cushing

    Nice ride Ted. Any Euro tours this year?

  20. Ricky B.

    Final 53 miles downhill. No wonder it was so quick!!!

  21. Dave Paff

    Ted, how do you feel after a ride like this? (No texting while riding please).

  22. Ted King

    @Dave, no time to feel tired just yet. It's stage 1 of a 7 day race! I feel strong like ox.