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Tour of San Luis, stage 2

  • 113.5mi
  • 4,058ft
  • 4:13:11
    Moving Time
  • 3,386


  1. Ian London

    Thanks for posting this data, Ted, it's fascinating stuff. Can't wait to read about it on your blog or here on Strava. Good luck on Stage 3!

  2. Don Planchat

    riding strong Ted, keep it up

  3. Brent Sears

    With stage 3 and the climbs, will you still be riding for Peter?

  4. Gunnar C.

    Nice cyclingnews.com write up today. Certainly hope to see you at the Tour come July!

  5. \M/ .

    Sweet, Ted! Good luck tomorrow.

  6. Alfonsin S.

    Definitely thanks for posting all the data. Best kind of transparency for the sport and endlessly fascinating for us numbers geeks. Hope to see more of this from everyone in the pro peloton in 2013! Kinda wish these numbers could be televised... at least during the pivotal moments in a race. Good luck in the San Luis and the rest of 2013, Mr. King!

  7. Joseph Griffith

    Awesome dude! Being a young cyclist this is a good motivation to me

  8. Eduardo RosBa

    looking forward for stage 3 with a 1st cat ending climb

  9. Jake Akerberg

    Thanks for putting this info up for the rest of us!

  10. Ted King

    @Ryan, I certainly agree. If they could get live telemetry, like they do in a fricken NASCAR race, that would liven things up. But since getting our mere location and time gaps to the breakaway established correctly is a struggle, I'm not expecting much from this area just yet.

  11. Paul M.

    Great to see some data from a pro!

  12. Kyle McCall

    @Ted, maybe not too far away. The new 510 and 810 edge computers offer a live tracking feature, it isn't hard to imagine such a device utilized throughout the Peleton in a few years. That plus lighter and more efficient cameras such as the GoPro put the NASCAR style "heads up" view as technologically within reach. It's just a matter of implementing them, which is usually the largest hurdle anyway.

  13. Alfonsin S.

    When they do figure it out, it will be a boon for television production and ratings, imo. Having the numbers (and engaging broadcasters who know how to use them) I think is an overlooked way to help popularize and globalize a sport that has seen far too much scandal. Just think of how it would inform interviews, post race analysis, etc. Demystify the sport so new fans can better understand it. It would also add another dimension to the bio passport.

  14. Harvey Kramer

    Will you get to spend a few days in Buenos Aires or do any sight seeing after the race....? Been there a few times and the food and women are spectacular!

  15. Kevin B.

    This is awesome that you post your data online for all to see. I agree with everyone above.

  16. Dan M.

    27 mph over 114 miles with some hard climbs? That's mind blowing. Did you guys have a tailwind at all, or is this just another day at the office?

  17. josh estes

    look at the power and zone distribution dan. it was a pretty easy day, especially when you consider how big ted is : power

  18. Tyler Hanel

    PSSSSH KOM on a segment with only one rider is not that impressive....wait...29.x MPH!!! Whoa! ;)

  19. Jesus Brenno Batista

    Nice of you to share! I have some friends racing there. Good luck.

  20. Ted King

    @Harvey, I'd be thrilled to spend the day in BA after the race. Instead, we finish here, 3 hour bus ride, fly to BA, fly to Rome, fly to Pisa, fly to Girona, take a taxi home. That should be a 40-some-odd hour travel day(s). No rest for the weary!

    @Ryan O Ceros. Yes. Yes yes yes indeed. Some day...

    @Kyle, sweet. Hurry up and wait in the meantime.

    @Dan, yeah tailwind. Fairly easy until the final 30km or so. No "hard climbs" today though.

  21. Harvey Kramer

    Thanks for the response....met you up in Nederland eating Pizza and waiting for Timmy Duggan to ride through.....good luck with getting on the team for the TDF....maybe I will see you as you wiz by in the Pyrenees no Col Du Tourmalet this year