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long one again

  • 194.0km
  • 3,047m
  • 5:59:09
    Moving Time
  • 5,360
  • 109
    Relative Effort


  1. André G.

    geen sneeuw en kou zeker :-)

  2. Axel D.

    Great ride! Were you with some Blanco team mates?

  3. Emmanuel Hamon

    I bet you are not missing too much the weather in the Netherlands

  4. Leigh Edwards

    Crazy average bpm !!!! Legend

  5. Joe Skipper

    hey Laurens when are you going to set a benchmark up the long side of Bedar. Surely you are not going to let me keep my KOM. The climb starts from just after the tunnel and finishes at the top of Bedar. Would be good to have some perspective on what a good time actually is.

  6. Erik Vd Hoeven

    Na de lekkere hutspot (power )morgen nog wat KOM,s Laurens!?

  7. Rob H.

    your heartbelt must be broken ;)

  8. Simon D.

    114 avg? Holy Shit.I couldn't average that taking a pi$$! :-) Kudos!

  9. Michael S.

    Holy cow !

  10. Michael Killion

    Awesome Dude