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OoooOooOh dang, that's a long hot day of bike racing. Tour of San Luis, stage 3

  • 123.0mi
  • 8,366ft
  • 5:19:41
    Moving Time
  • 3,394


  1. Zachary H.

    Nice going Ted!

  2. Greg Oatley

    There's that damn lake again. You must be sick of the sight of it. Training round it, now racing round it. Lol.

  3. Lalo M.

    good man !

  4. Tom O.

    Impressive. By the looks of it, you were working until the end. Great result

  5. Brent Sears

    NIce race, only 5:50 back on that stage show that you are as strong as an ox. Get some rest before the ITT.

  6. jayne duvall


  7. Steve J.

    it was two degrees on tonight's MTB ride. Only 8 miles though.

  8. Josh K.

    Pulling for you! How can I not. We have the same last name.

  9. Stephen (Joey) Dawson

    What a BoSS

  10. Ted King

    @Josh KING, great last name. We must be royalty somewhere along our lineage, right?

    @Brent, thanks man. I was the work horse then sat up at the base of the climb. Soft pedaled it (as best you can up a 7% pitch) to the finish. I'll let the Colombians, Brazilians, and GC guys duke it out. Today's ITT is more of a IRS (individual rest stage); I'm on a road bike for the 20km TT - that's far enough to keep me and everyone else on a road bike well out of contention. Just saving up as best as possible for the coming days.

  11. Bryan Drago

    Thx for posting and commenting on the ride ... good stuff!

  12. Allan Atherfold

    Well done, looking forward to supporting you in Europe

  13. Pete L.

    35+ minutes above threshold in a 5+ hour race? That's some serious bike riding. Nice work out there ...

  14. Josh K.

    I do believe we are. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

  15. jayne duvall

    nice going kingman!

  16. Harvey Kramer

    my bad you are far from Mendoza ....good luck with the finish and the long trip back to Italy and the classics