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Long Lunch Escape (w/ some new hills) 01/24/2013 Birmingham, AL

  • 38.9mi
  • 3,165ft
  • 2:22:48
    Moving Time
  • 2,111
  • 91
    Relative Effort


  1. Jeff Fuller

    Oh yeah baby! Just stole a KOM on a Cat 3 climb from none other than Brian Toone. :) I'm not bothered that it was accidental, that there are only 3 people that have ever done that odd path, nor that his avg HR was only 128 bpm when he set it (a "recovery climb?") compared to mine at 156. I'm gonna revel in my climbing prowess nonetheless (at least until he, or any other real climber in town decides to take that easy KOM back). Was a fun ride today. My only Strava segment goal for today's ride was to get the KOM for the Belmont descent ... and I snagged it. Woot Woot! Fun, fast, safe descent with a little kicker uphill just before the final downhill portion.

  2. Russell Fulmer

    Animal!! ;-)