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Just One of the Girls

  • 117.2mi
  • 6,482ft
  • 7:42:23
    Moving Time
  • 3,801


  1. Gerard Deehan

    Nice jaunt Sir

  2. Beards and Triathlons

    September 21st - 25th I'm in Lancaster

  3. R S.

    Bit tardy up Garsdale, were you having an off day?

  4. Professor Badass

    Can do an early evening ride during this week BS, but no days off. Mail me closer to the time.

  5. Professor Badass

    Strava error RS. Actual time was 10:11 ;-)

  6. R S.

    Thought as much. How many biscuits/packages of tripe were expunged during this casual attempt?

  7. Professor Badass

    Not the full packet, but I did have my first gel of the day when I got down the other side

  8. R S.

    Gave it everything then, thought so ;-)

  9. Rachel Lee S.

    Nice having you along with the ladies PB look forward to your dress next time. Unfortunately no kiwi for us today RS as we passed the garden centre unnoticed - next time.

  10. Michael Birchall

    Give over you're an old woman.