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Well that was a painfully boring stage. Tour of San Luis, stage 5

  • 106.4mi
  • 4,993ft
  • 4:42:18
    Moving Time
  • 3,262


  1. jayne duvall

    i can tell by the lack of kudos...it's very cool for you to post on strava..thanks.

  2. Peter Nachand

    Yes, a rider at your level posting on Strava speaks to your character. Wishing u the best on the final two stages. B safe. It's riders like u that will move the profession to a new level.

  3. Ted King

    I appreciate that. Here's some appropriate reading material on the future of cycling:


  4. Paul A.

    Thanks for posting these results, interesting to look at.

  5. jayne duvall

    grrrreat piece of reading...i also think its so cool that i can see your time up ladeira lane and compare it to mine..i love strava.

  6. Peter Wilson [.

    nice work Ted.

  7. Peter Nachand

    Wiggo has a utube on velo this week that's interesting, in summary he says talk is cheap the actions of our riders is what the fans want to c now. Politics needs to keep their distance. Worth watching again.

  8. Sam Game

    That's the article I've been waiting for a pro to write- should've known it'd come from you!

  9. Peter Nachand

    @ted, thanks for that link. Wishing u all the best and success in the future.

  10. Peter Louton

    Thank you very much for the link Ted. I have watched all of that unfold over the years and many many kudos for being true to you. I do hope for the change and I know it will be for the better. Good luck and thank you for posting lots of your rides :-)

  11. Yanick P.

    very interesting , thanks for posting your race on Strava !!!

  12. Josh K.

    It looked a bit boring. Great job pushing!

  13. Javier J. R.

    Ted, I was a km after the KOM mark with a group, first time watching a pro race in person, and loved it ! I wonder why is it that races take place after 1 pm with the worst heat of the day, I would understand if it would be broadcast live to Europe...

  14. Javier J. R.

    Today I will ride to Merlo and try go up Mirador Del Sol to watch the end of the stage ! hope you have a good one !

  15. Alastair H.

    Ted, are those power figures correct?

  16. Noah L.

    Great piece of writing, as always Ted. When people ask me why I still follow/'believe/love pro cycling I point to cyclists like you, and others of this generation. People act like cycling fans should be skeptical of everything we see, but I think there are many reasons to have faith and believe what we see.

  17. Tom Boveree

    Very nice blog Ted, keep up the good work and I wish you the best of luck this season!

  18. Peter Herrick

    Great blog, Ted. Thanks for giving us cynical fans reason to hope that doping will be the exception, not the rule.

  19. David G.

    near 5hrs at 36km/h average..hmmm, doesnt sound boring.

  20. Harvey Kramer

    I can't believe that the race is in Mendoza and they don't have any real climbs in the Andes...the road up the Chilean boarder is pretty good....there are other roads as well they could chose

  21. Harvey Kramer

    nice piece about doping...good to see the Middlebury education coming through......

  22. Ted King

    Who said we're in Mendoza @Harvey? We're many hours away from there. And even farther from the Andes. We're in Tour of San Luis - not Mendoza.

    Thanks for the props on the @BicyclingMag piece. Definitely no shortage of thought going into that one. Nor time. Nor more thought.

  23. Christopher V.

    How much input do you have into which races you enter? Do the team leads "suggest" a calendar for you and you go from there?

  24. Ted King

    Hahhaa. Not much say unless your last name is Basso, Sagan, Schleck, Nibali, Wiggins, Horner... you don't have much say.

    -"Here's your schedule."

  25. Felipe F.

    Congrats! Very interesting data! Thanks for sharing it.

  26. Christopher V.

    Ah. Thanks for the insight Ted! Never know, you might be next in that list!