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26/01/2013 2013 Milford Mountain Classic

  • 100.3km
  • 1,455m
  • 2:46:04
    Moving Time
  • 3,047


  1. Benjamin W.
    Benjamin W.

    What happened to the big climb up the mountain?

  2. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    Transit wouldn't allow us to do it as there are fears for some rock falls on the Milford side of the tunnel

  3. Benjamin W.
    Benjamin W.

    That's a shame - that was one of the best bits when I did it last year. Was an awesome ride from what I can remember although the last bit had some short demoralising climbs that I donked on! Good effort on the speed and time - quick!

  4. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    Yeah, I was both happy and sad that we weren't able to do that part of the race :) Lots of long rollers at the end of the race. We had a big bunch by Knobs flat.. about 30 riders I would have guessed. Stuck together to the finish, even though for the most part we only had 6-8 people doing any work on the front

  5. Benjamin W.
    Benjamin W.

    I remember when I did it - I carried a guy for 80km as he was cramping up etc - then we met 2 other riders and rode together, then he shot off at the end and beat me!!! haha - cycling...

  6. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    We tried to keep the pace high to shell any weaker riders, but I don't think we managed to get rid of many. I rolled/attacked on a couple little climbs, got 50-100mtrs off the front and hoped that some would come across and we'd go and leave the slowers behind... never worked ;)

  7. Ian W.
    Ian Wright

    What place did you get??? Good scenery and fine weather makes for a great day!!!

  8. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    Still waiting to see the official results.
    Barely a cloud in the sky...mountains, lakes and trees all around. Almost perfect :)

  9. Ian W.
    Ian Wright

    Wish I was there racing as well. Bugger work, who needs it anyway.......oh yeah, my family and my bike addiction ;-)

  10. David S.
    David Simpson

    Great ride. I didn't realise how big our gruop was for a long time

  11. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    Yeah, hard to tell when the majority were just sitting on the back.

  12. David S.
    David Simpson

    According to the results posted this morning at prizegiving I crossed the line 30th so you will be just after that.

  13. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    Not bad :)

  14. Tim M.
    Tim Maynard

    42nd overall, 12th Open Male. 2:42:48

  15. Benjamin W.
    Benjamin W.

    Good work!