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The Tour of Britain with a French Belgian Prologue

  • 225.7km
  • 3,593m
  • 8:49:50
    Moving Time
  • 1,120
  • 272
    Suffer Score


  1. Eat M.
    Eat M.

    Alpine Classic (Buffalo Classic?) alternative was its own all kinds of epic. Ride report to come.

  2. Eat M.
    Eat M.

    It was with a few tears and cheers that we intrepid adventurers said goodbye to our beloved and set of on our journey to circumnavigate the fair isle of Great Britain. However, why not take the opportunity to first experience the strange food and people of a foreign land so the first order of the day was to board the ferry across our Channel to northern France and Belgium.

    After an uneventful crossing, we were greeted with typical Belgian weather – cold wet and windy – for our assault on the Mur de Alton and the unpaved roads of the region. No sooner had our adventure began and we were back on home soil heading north up the east coast. The further north we travelled, the better the weather became (surely some kind of mistake? - Ed) and we were accompanied in our travels by a most pleasant southerly wind. Even early problems with our machines could not dampen our enthusiasm. We were soon in Scotland, testing our resolve on the biggest monroe of the north, Ben McAlexander. Shortly after we were celebrating our arrival at John O’Groats with some local specialties known as Coca Cola and apples scrolls.

    The wind, that had been our ever faithful accomplice, was still there and now it wes no longer our aid but our enemy! Enthusiasm unruffled, we headed down the south coast and soon crossed back into England and the rugged terrain of Cumbria (or Vaugham Springs Rd to use its original name). Soon we were in the wind swept wilds of Wales and looking forward to crossing back into England and the Somerset levels. Unfortunately, they failed to live up to their billing and we were still battling the wind as we cross Devon’s lumpy land. At this point, my ever faithful companion declared a desire to retreat to the safe port of Plymouth (also called Trentham in some dialects) while I battled the wind and crests of Cornwall.

    Before too long, I was at Land’s End and heading homewards along the unmade roads of the south coast. Re-uniting in Plymouth, we were once more an unstoppable team on the road, a vision of man’s ability to overcome odds and command a machine of magnificence to the far corners of the known world.

    In the blink of an eye, we were home, adventure accomplished with panache. We had been tested by the road, by our machines and my Mother Nature and we had smiled all the way. To the next adventure!

  3. Josh G.
    Josh G.

    Awesome write up. Looks like a great ride! However my wife looked over my shoulder and declared it to actually be the Tour of Bunny Rabbit.

  4. Just R.
    Just R.

    :-) to the write up and company and a little smile to the bunny comment

  5. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Great effort EML. I had planned an easy ride on this very morning and after kitting up and clipping into the bike, the fog/mist/rain/wind hit me. I turned around. De-kitted and went back to bed. A mighty effort in miserable conditions. But I'd expect no less for a tour of Britain.