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27/01/2013 Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom

  • 8.6mi
  • 634ft
  • 35:32
    Moving Time
  • 394
  • 20
    Relative Effort


  1. Shaun C.

    Hi Jim how did you get all that heart rate & rpm stuff on here?

  2. Jim Murray

    You need a heartrate monitor and a cadence sensor. You would also need to plug something into you iphone (goggle iphone and ant+) to monitor it. Easiest way is to get a Garmin gps bundle that contains the gps device, hrm and cadence sensor.

  3. Shaun C.

    Cheers Jim I'll look into it good ride Sunday what is the M2 ride is that new?

  4. Jim Murray

    A new ride to sit between the B and the M. Aim is to average 15-16.

  5. Shaun C.

    Do you think I would be able to keep up?

  6. Jim Murray

    There's only one way to find out:-) I think you'll be ok.

  7. Shaun C.

    I'll see you on Sunday then. Mind you Mamhead that's tough

  8. Jim Murray

    I can safely say you wont be the last one up it. Should be a good ride.

  9. Shaun C.

    Ive been out tonight and done some hill work in preparation looking forward to Sunday now lol

  10. Jim Murray

    Good lad, you can pace me up Mamhead.

  11. Shaun C.

    There is no way you need pacing up Mamhead Jim I'll be the binner at the back no doubt about that