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Well, that was a bit of a struggle!

  • 75.5km
  • 433m
  • 3:28:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,307
  • 416
    Suffer Score


  1. Hannah S.
    Hannah S.

    Cold, wet feet (can't believe I didn't wear my waterproof shoes or put my toe warmers in my bag!), idiot drivers trying to run me over, flooding, gale force winds and lack of food - but it was still great to finally get back on my bike!

  2. Mick A.
    Mick Ayres

    Same old story same old song and dance then. Drivers are always out to kill us Hannah think its part of driving test.Petrol price is up again so we may get the last laugh yet.

  3. Hannah S.
    Hannah S.

    They just seem to misjudge how quickly a bike can travel. 3 drivers pulled out in front of me at junctions/roundabouts even though I'd made eye contact and was signalling appropriately.

  4. Mick A.
    Mick Ayres

    Used to ride motorbikes and same then.They seem to only see each other.I find it best to presume they have not seen me works best.