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Nearly snuck out of here with a victory. 2nd place works for 1st race of the year. Tour of San Luis, stage 7

  • 107.3mi
  • 4,415ft
  • 4:05:14
    Moving Time
  • 6,881


  1. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    Well done Ted, keep up the good work.

  2. Ken McGuinness


  3. Noah A.

    Nice job!

  4. Sean O'Brien

    Well done

  5. \M/ .


  6. Miles D.

    nice job!!!

  7. Peter Nachand

    A good way to end that Tour. Congratulations!!! Have a safe trip back.

  8. Chris C.

    Scratch Bagels for you with some Maple Syrup and peanut butter, way to go Bro!!

  9. Joe H.

    Great job Ted!!!

  10. German Toscano

    Well done

  11. Alex Shore

    Was this the final stage?

  12. Tom Boveree

    Yes it was...

  13. Dan S.


  14. Steve Stewart

    Great job!

  15. Tom O.

    Awesome job Ted! I know you are a beast, but is your SRM a little goofy today? Almost 2 hours at 450 plus

  16. Pete L.

    Looks like no SRM - that there is strava power. It appears it doesnt adjust for the power of the pro peleton all that well!

  17. Ted King

    Yup, worth throwing out there that the power wasn't working properly today. Big BIG thanks for the props all week everyone. Truly means a lot. Here's to a great 2013, eh!

  18. Phil T.

    Great start to the year Ted

  19. Efraim S.

    Great job!

  20. Efraim S.

    Youre sponsors are definitely happy!!

  21. Stefan C.

    Congratulations Ted! Keep it up, you're off to a great start!

  22. Greg Khan

    sweet !

  23. Josh K.

    Your a King, so of course you'd do well!! Congrats!

  24. krisy nordgren

    Strong work. Go Granite State.

  25. Roger Weston

    Well Done.

  26. Silvana M.


  27. Riccardo G.

    that's the attitude ! .. keep that engine running and for sure you will make it 1st on the next one.

  28. CB .

    Next time mate!

  29. Guillaume E.

    Bravo Ted. Better luck next time.

  30. Paulo E.

    I wish i could give 100 kudos! :-) God job, Ted!

  31. Peter Louton

    Phenomenal job TED!!!

  32. Fresh F.

    Great end to the race, congrats !!

  33. Craig Lewis

    419 avg, what are in those empanadas down there?

  34. Nathan T.

    Nice work out there Ted. Great start to the season. Man, Gavazzi's head looked like it was going to explode with steam out the ears in that finale.

  35. Kimber R.

    Not toooo shabby :)

  36. Clint K.

    Awesome start to the season.

  37. orlando Valencia

    Nice job!