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01/27/2013 Jeffersonville, IN

  • 39.1mi
  • 2,169ft
  • 2:21:18
    Moving Time
  • 2,036


  1. P. Kelly

    watched you at the King's cross race saturday!! How do you like the road training in this area, find any good routes?

  2. James DRISCOLL

    the roads are pretty awesome around here. My big tall teammate spent some time here in November so he is our tour guide this week.

  3. Paul Colon

    you and DaTall1 come out my way...The knobs in and around Jefferson Memorial Forest >>http://classic.louisvillebicycleclub.org/climbs.htm

  4. P. Kelly

    very cool! I live near Cincinnati over on the KY side. We have some cool old country roads with many rollers!! Good luck in Louisville!!

  5. Jim Braam

    were those paved roads out in the country? Were bringing the road bikes down this weekend to ride then cheer like crazy men on Sunday.

  6. Paul Colon

    Jim here is a list my buddy Duc Doe put together on the top hill climbs in and around Louisville enjoy my friend http://classic.louisvillebicycleclub.org/climbs.htm