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01/27/2013 Sarasota, FL

  • 123.4mi
  • 1,043ft
  • 5:51:58
    Moving Time


  1. Peter Nachand

    @bobby, highway #1 key largo to KW for riding a bike. Good ride or terror ride due to traffic?

  2. Bobby Sweeting

    Hmm, well it won't be like NC! That's really the only option though, if you plan to ride down there. Cars and traffic lights the whole way, but it's not the worst thing in the world.

  3. Peter Nachand

    Key largo bike will do an organized ride to KW but everyone in my group r more leisure riders and the 16 mph pace is not what they care to do. Soo we'll most likely get on the overland path and slow self pace it marathon for day 1 then start day 2 there and finish in KW that afternoon. Should b ok I'm fairly certain we will not ride mile bridge due to little or no shoulder. Just trying to talk to any body who knows the area to hear of any no nos. so far it's be prepared for traffic and stay clear of the trucks.

  4. Peter Nachand

    High 60's today. What a day to be on a bike. Weekend weather is back to high 40's. crap.