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Alpine Classic 200 (standard route)

  • 201.1km
  • 7,943m
  • 10:55:30
    Moving Time
  • 10,443


  1. David Iliff

    Congrats on completing it.. Looks like a nasty route. How are the legs? To be fair though, not substantially worse than the other days you've been doing lately, just slightly longer. ;)

  2. Steve Bennett

    It's a great ride - really worth doing, with enough training. The legs actually feel good - no worse than any of the training rides. One of the toughest things about it is riding constantly for so long - no proper lunch break, so it's hard to keep up energy and not bonk in the sun on the way up Buffalo. After a proper feed at the top I was feeling great again, so would consider something even harder like the 250km version.

  3. Steve Bennett

    I felt a bit sorry for all the people who'd registered for this route, and ended up riding Buffalo three times instead. That'd be a much less interesting ride, and psychologically a lot harder - turning around for the third ascent would suck.

  4. David Iliff

    Yeah, I don't really know how how my legs would fare without the specific training you did prior, but the great thing about cycling is that if you keep a steady pace, you can go a long way without tiring out too much. Not sure if it applies to a day of climbing like that though. You can't exactly cruise up a 1000m ascent.

    I've done a number of tours with some serious climbing (Cornwall, Scottish highlands with long 10%+ gradients and 20% at times..), 130km days and 30+kg on the racks, which makes a huge difference on the climbs... But not that kind of distance and not without a lot of rest stops to refuel. But with a lighter bike and fresh legs, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Steve Bennett

    Oh, and yeah, this felt like just another step up in difficulty, not an epic leap. I was actually much more tired and in more pain after the solo effort up to Merrijig.

  6. Sneaky B.

    Congratulations Steven! A top effort, especially unsupported.

  7. Steve Bennett

    Makes me even more impressed at your time!

  8. Steve Bennett

    And yeah, David, these long distance lightweight training rides really are fun. Especially that Jambulla one - I had this giddy feeling in Merrijig knowing that I'd started the morning TWO HUNDRED KILOMETRES away :) I love cycle touring as well, but it's amazing the distance you can cover when you go ultralight and cut down the stops.