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After class and before meetings 01/29/2013 San Marcos, CA

  • 23.2mi
  • 7,299ft
  • 1:36:25
    Moving Time
  • 382


  1. Kyle I.
    Kyle I.

    How does Strava come up with 7,399 ft of climbing for this ride?

  2. . G.
    . G.

    Thats some big AIR! Its messed up right now, saw someone with 11,000 the other day.

  3. ☠ Michael  F.
    ☠ Michael F.

    It is strava. What do you expect? This is why I don't pay anymore. It is too buggy!

  4. Ray S.
    Ray Snoke/Team Ninja

    What does your GPS say for the ride?

  5. Kyle I.
    Kyle I.

    Garmin said it was about 4000 feet or so.

  6. Lee M.
    Lee Muse

    Good running into you...finally, lol!! For the elevation fix, try clicking the "?" next to where the elevation is listed on your Strava ride page (just above the map). There should be an option to correct elevation.

  7. Kyle I.
    Kyle I.

    That is where the elevation got all messed up. I was checking to see what that '?' does and it nearly doubled the elevation. Maybe it makes the elevation points that are logged "more accurate". Instead of averaging say every 10 feet it changes is to every inch which throws it all out of wack.