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The Longest Climb in the World - Letras.

  • 83.1km
  • 3,939m
  • 4:27:30
    Moving Time
  • 4,109


  1. J S.

    ohhh yeah. I've been wanting to do this climb ever since I heard about it in 2003

  2. Duncan Gross

    Nice job, Nate. I hope you blog this ride.

  3. Jim Brittain

    Epic! An absolutely incredible feet.

  4. Jim Braam

    Biking in the ring of fire. Awesome!

  5. Dan Chabanov

    Congratulations Nate you have just won Strava.

  6. juan jacob ceron velez

    very good time, btw the record holder is santiago botero with 2:50

  7. Tj K.

    jealous! I would love to do that ride.

  8. Nate King

    Heh, Juan, Santiago said it's closer to 3:30. 2:50 would be a little close to humanly impossible...even with "supplementation".

    The climb isn't hard. It's just long, and there's a bit of a Campesino dog slalom to negotiate. I just plodded along.

  9. Carlos A.


  10. Russ E.

    Amazing ride Nate, well done!

  11. Tom Bourne

    That's nuts

  12. George S.

    Gonna be a helluva season Nate! Good luck.

  13. Diogo Goebel

    endless climb

  14. juan jacob ceron velez

    Nate confirmed: 2 hours 52 minutes, recorded by Santiago Botero on the Vuelta a Colombia in 2007, just recently i heard a 22 year old of antioquia did 3:30

  15. Core T.

    Uuaa 80Kms de subida eso si que es una subida

  16. Aaron Wyatt

    lucky SOB! I was planning on doing this in the spring but now have a kid on the way....

  17. Tomas C.

    Nate check this website about that stage on 2007 and how Boero did it. The basically went all the way up an well into Manizales in 3:48 http://www.arcotriunfal.com/2604/santiago_botero_sacudio_la_vuelta_a_colombia_de_lado_a_lado.html

  18. Aaron Wyatt

    how was the traffic and climate change?

  19. Nate King

    Tomas - yeah, I was basing my assumption based on the erroneous '07 Vuelta Colombia wiki entry that said they did the stage in 4:50. 3:50 is right...everyone who made the front group that day must've had blood like pudding. Insane! Granted, I wasn't crushing it or anything, and stopped/mellowed a few times for food and photos, but sub-3 is crazy, even in the bunch.

    The climate change wasn't too bad, we picked a good day and the weather was pretty decent the whole climb. Mariquita is hot, tropical, and oppressive, as expected, but by the time you hit 1000m it mellows out nicely. The summit was a little chilly, but I've done worse swinging off into the National Park when I've ridden up from Manizales. Traffic was light, a few busses and tourists but nothing hairy. A popular summer road in the States is a worse place to be in that regard.

  20. Alex Km


  21. Andres B.

    A good post from a fellow climber

  22. Daniel C.

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Colombia.

  23. Andrew McGrath

    Hey, I'm planning on doing Letras in April 2014, thanks for the info above. Will be cycling from rio through to Colombia

  24. Andrew McGrath

    Did u stay at altitude before attempting this?

  25. Nate King

    I lived in Manizales (7500ft) for three months prior. I primarily live/train in Salt Lake City, UT (4500ft).

    I'll be back this winter. Time to beat my own time!

  26. Nate King

    Frankly, would've ridden it all the time if it were accessible. It's a blast of a ride.

  27. Andrew McGrath

    Cool, thanks for the tips. I can't wait to visit Colombia, it will be the highlight of my South American Tour.

    I start in Rio in early March and leave Trinidad in June, the rest is up to me. So will be going through Argentina, Boliva and Peru, en route to Bogota probably around April.

    There is another 4,000m climb in Peru I would like to check out too.

  28. Bill P.

    I just stumbled across this when checking out your profile - I was proud of my 10,000ft climb up Haleakala - but damn you got me thoroughly beat :) Way to go!

  29. Ricardo S.

    Awesome man. Congratulations!

  30. Alexandre Carvalho

    Great job!

  31. Harvey Mafla

    Hey Mate, im from Cali but now I'm in Australia. I will travel to visit my parents next Year and I will atempt this ride. Hope you enjoyed your time in my beautiful country.!!!

  32. Giancarlo B.

    how was the weather when you did this climb?

  33. John Johnson

    Hi Nate, or anyone on this list that has done this climb - can you give me any helpful tips regarding travel, getting from Bogota to the start of the climb, safety issues, etc.? Thank you.

  34. Tomas C.

    Hi John I Rubén cycling trips in Colombia check us out at www.cyclota.com

  35. John Johnson

    Hi Ruben - can you give me your direct email address? thank you.

  36. Tomas C.

    Sure you can write me at tomas@cyclota.com