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Hope my bike arrives today. Running to walking to grocery shopping isn't my job

  • 5.4mi
  • 56:51
    Moving Time
  • 10:24/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 865


  1. Ryan B.

    Swim next?!

  2. Tim Barnard @CSC

    You only have one bike?

  3. Ted King

    One European training bike (to go along with many race bikes, but those are all in Italy). I just flew across the globe with this Euro training bike. And without it, I don't have a way of training!

    Everyone has one training bike. Maaaaaybe Wiggo or Contador have two. People seem to think that professional cyclists are overwhelmed with free bikes. That's not actually the case!

  4. Luis Fernando O.

    Of course it is not the case. Nobody is OVERWHELMED by free bikes.

  5. Tim Barnard @CSC

    I'm surprise. Thanks for replying. It's been awesome to see your rides on Strava. Is the Tour Down under the second pick for the start of the season for you or don't you get to pick?

  6. Christopher V.

    Still training...just...cross training!

  7. Shaymay M.

    Sorry for the dumb question....but why does seem like cyclists detest running???

  8. Noah L.

    I think it's less about detesting running, and rather the fact that he is paid to ride his bike, so in essence he can't work right now.

  9. Keith Wipprecht

    Livin the dream! Enjoy Girona, ES Ted. I've heard the riding is beautiful there.

  10. Jarrod Shoemaker

    secret triathlon training

  11. Germàn Larruy

    Welcome back to Girona Ted, I hope you pass it very well in our city and I suppose one of these days we will cross the road. You will spend many days in Girona?
    Good luck!

  12. Peter Nachand

    @ted, do u carry saddle and pedals w you in case training bike is lost?

  13. Ryan W.

    Yeh look out us Triathletes... Ted's going to be kicking our arses out there soon..