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Bike ride --> Cathartic

  • 55.2mi
  • 3,939ft
  • 3:00:22
    Moving Time
  • 2,383


  1. Nathan T.

    Your bike showed up, or you are the worlds greatest runner of all time.

  2. Pete L.

    But the SRM didn't show. This is unacceptable! You need to get your people on that, Ted.

  3. Nathan T.

    I think the SRM is off intentionally. Pros don't want to disclose all that data - it would be easy to reverse engineer their training.

  4. Jimm M.

    lol...He usually has his SRM data. He is on a borrowed Cannondale.

  5. Pete L.

    Turns out someone snapped a picture of Teds borrowed bike:

  6. Pedrenyal :.

    Great saddle!!

  7. Martin Leduc

    Have goog one tomorrow. Threat yourself to a KOM or two.

  8. Anton Gilbert

    I bet Ted would beat me on his borrowed bike any day of the week that thing has pedal-assist @Pete

  9. Roger U.

    very happy to see you in Catalonia!

    molt content de veure't a catalunya !

  10. Frank Hodel

    Nathan, "reverse engineer" their training? I hope you are kidding.

  11. Nathan T.

    Hmmm, I thought I was paraphrasing something Ted said about it not being fair to his trainer to post all this data. It is possible I got this mixed with another pro I'm following. e.g. Taylor Phinney just shows speed and distance. Cheers

  12. Ted King

    SRM data is not off intentionally. Borrowed bike (from bike mangled in trans-global travel) has resulted in no SRM this week. But otherwise you're correct Nathan; we often don't give power/HR data in order to have at least a sliver of privacy in training. Sometimes, not always.