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IM Wales Ride - at 4:15 my legs were like WTF.

  • 110.2mi
  • 8,058ft
  • 5:03:36
    Moving Time
  • 5,267
  • 130
    Relative Effort


  1. James S.


  2. Eric E.

    Insane performance on an insane course

  3. SamANTHA Lew

    So badass! Yes!

  4. Rick Floyd

    4:15 legs were like WTF then you ran 2:52. We all kinda of hate you!

  5. David L.

    Solid pacing dude. Sticking in Z2 majority of ride and all of the run

  6. Pat Oche

    Would like to have such WTF legs ! Impressive race

  7. Arturo de Bernard


  8. Stephen Nielsen

    Wow, wouldn't have expected that race to have so much elevation.

  9. Rich Matticoli

    Congrats solid performance all around!!! Always impressive!!

  10. Ash SP

    You flew past me on your 2nd lap on the hill just past Lamphey. Awesome time mate!

  11. Camron Stotts- 🍌

    Not a bad debut!

  12. Brian Nevinger

    Max speed of 52.6???? You're a maniac.

  13. Jesse Thomas

    Thanks guys! Damn, didn't know I hit 52! Race mode I guess. thanks a bunch, guys. Stoked!

  14. Andrew Jardine

    Mega performance!!

  15. Latina and tri-ing (Adriana Restrepo)

    Ha... wish my legs lasted until 4:15 before they were saying WTF to me

  16. Michala T.

    Ridiculous speeds!!!!

  17. Brad Bach

    Those KOMs

  18. Huw J.

    Must have been awesome riding up Saunders foot hill with all the crowd cheering! Well done on your IMW win :-)

  19. Huw J.

    Come back next year please!