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IM Wales & longest run ever. Booyah!

  • 26.2mi
  • 2,221ft
  • 2:52:10
    Moving Time
  • 6:34/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,298


  1. Eric Rosen

    Super Kudos!!!

  2. Emrys Halbertsma Ⓥ

    Legend! Congrats :D

  3. Paul D.

    Holy $hit, that's fast. Awesome job today and thanks for taking us all along for the ride, here and FB. Keep it up.

  4. Mike Owen

    Gives a whole new perception on ironman and training for one. Nice job

  5. Craig Stewart

    Awesome result - well done mate.

  6. Spencer S.

    Congrats on the win buddy!

  7. Artur Prats

    Well done Man!!

  8. Enzo Sella Dametto

    Congrats jesse !!

  9. Franz R.

    congrats!! very awesome!

  10. Ryan O.

    Nice one champ !!!

  11. Lee guinchard

    Fuck me sideways that was hilly captain:)

  12. Burt H.

    That is just outstanding. On a hilly course as well. You are ready for Kona!

  13. Matt Addessi

    Insane Jesse congrats.

  14. Peter N.

    Congratulations! !!!!!!! Best run ever!

  15. Mike Davis

    Congrats! Recipe for a successful Ironman......train for a half! Thanks for the tip! Great job!

  16. Rick Floyd

    Unreal. So awesome!

  17. Scuba Biker

    OUT-FREAKING-STANDING!!! Way to go Jesse!

  18. Shawn H.

    looks like you were on Cruise Control

  19. Erik T.

    Incredible - congratulations to the impressive win on one of the most difficult IM courses!!!

  20. Greg P.

    Fantastic result, awesome work!

  21. Jens K.

    Congrats! Good work! Greetings from Germany

  22. Gary Harmeston

    Your win is trending on Facebook in the UK right now, that's awesome. Congrats Jesse!

  23. Ben Castillo


  24. Patrick Dalton


  25. James P.

    Congrats...and no longer an IM virgin.

  26. Philipp Zlatkovic


  27. Brig Henderson

    Congrats! nice to an American atop the leader board. Courageous race choice. Well done!

  28. Michael M.

    hey Jesse, you didn't train specifically for an Ironamn - how did you find it, given all your 70.3 training

  29. Cade Walton

    OUT...FREAKIN...STANDING. Totally stoked for you after the tough 70.3 worlds. You deserved some good karma! Thanks for keeping all of us involved. Love how you keep your articles funny and real. Kudos X 10

  30. Thomas Powell

    Well done great watching you finish

  31. Tom M.

    HUGE breakthrough!!! congrats man.

  32. Brian McCormack

    Well done on your Ironman Debut. Congrats

  33. Brandon S.


  34. Walter Cahall

    Unreal debut - congrats. You're an Ironman and you're okay, you swim all night and brick all day...

  35. Andrés Wilson

    Outstanding race!

  36. Seth Katzenstein

    Awesome job!!!!

  37. Charles T.

    Great IM debut win Jesse, on a tough course, chapeau !

  38. Syamsul Bahtiar


  39. Jesse Thomas

    Thanks guys! Stoked! didn't expect that run on this course, that's for sure. Couldn't have gone any better.

  40. Richard Albrow

    Wow talk about consistent pacing and effort, your HR barely moved all run! That pace with those hills :)

  41. David H.

    great race Jesse, and a humble and well considered speech at the awards ceremony too - Sign of a true champion.

  42. Michala T.

    Hats off to you! You are a beast!

  43. Gareth R.

    Awesome performance, worthy winner, congratulations :-D

  44. Nick Buss

    Amazing win Jesse! You passed me on your way to the finish (I still had two laps left), I gave you a big shout and you tapped me on the back thanking me. Very classy, considering you must have been in a world of pain! Hope to see you tearing it up in Kona next year!

  45. Chris Summerill Ⓥ

    You animal! And kudos for racing in aviators. I race in Wayfarers. Ray Bans for the win!!!!!!!!! :)