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I'm really out of shape, but it felt good to be outside riding!!

  • 32.2mi
  • 1,044ft
  • 2:06:42
    Moving Time
  • 817
  • 48
    Suffer Score


  1. Ken J.
    Ken Johnson

    Nah - out of shape is sitting in a recliner eating Dorritos and drinking a diet Coke. Riding in CO in winter is "in Winter shape". Take advantage of any and all days that even hint at good weather. Look at it this way: you are WAY ahead of all the others that ARE sitting in their recliners. You are one up on 99.9% of all others in the Northern Hemisphere.

  2. Amy H.
    Amy H.

    Yep! I agree!

  3. Ken J.
    Ken Johnson

    Oh - I did want to mention that I really worry about any segment of a ride that starts with Walmart...

  4. Francisco H.
    Francisco H.

    Can't stop!!! :)

  5. 🍕Timothy🌭 🌮.
    🍕Timothy🌭 🌮Magos🥓

    May I one day be as "out of shape " as you are.

  6. Lincoln V.
    Lincoln Viana

    Same all.

  7. Melissa T.
    Melissa Taylor

    totally, I'm now paying the price for slacking off Nov-Jan. Best of wishes!