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Next stop Tour du Med

  • 99.7mi
  • 7,830ft
  • 5:22:38
    Moving Time


  1. Paul Reed

    Hi Ben, I wanted to reach out to you to see if you know on anyone in Lucca that wants to sublease their apartment to me in Lucca this coming summer (June 1 - Aug. 30th). I live in Denver, avid cyclist, and own an IT Staffing company. Thought I'd take the summer and live in Lucca, chill, ride, work, chase some Italian Ladies. Let me know if you would pls and good luck w/ your race season. paul.reed@capglobal.net

  2. Ben King

    Paul, I may know just the guy.

  3. Michael O.

    Lucca! fantastic place.

  4. Ben King

    Paul, seems I was mistaken. I'll keep my ears open.

  5. Paul Reed

    OK man, appreciate it. cheers!

  6. David Tichenor

    Good luck Ben! Only thing you're missing here is COLD!!!!

  7. Florian Girod

    I'll come to see you in Tour du Med, good luck :)