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02/02/2013 Kailua Kona, HI

  • 41.1mi
  • 3,179ft
  • 2:36:04
    Moving Time
  • 1,658


  1. Collin LaJeunesse

    Hey Craig, what are some good things to take with you on the ride? I've been just taking a powerbar and I was wondering what works for the top riders.

  2. Craig Lewis

    Max - we eat so much we kind of go through everything. Right now I'm into Kind bars and Skratch labs of course. Anything homemade is the best. In short, eat what you like and keep trying new things.

  3. Collin LaJeunesse

    Alright i'll try some new stuff, sounds good. Thanks for the reply man, keep up the good riding.

  4. Jana Morse

    Guess it's the engine, not the fuel. I like the "anything homemade is best." Thanks.

  5. Seth Rider

    How about that climb on halekii st. Pretty steep