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I've still not entered gower50 yet....

  • 31.0mi
  • 4,324ft
  • 5:38:50
    Moving Time
  • 10:56/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,926


  1. Stacey Farnell #SVR

    Fucking yea JC great run!

  2. jason cuthbert

    Mate that gave me doubts.

  3. Stacey Farnell #SVR

    Thought your name wasn't on the entry list-get entered you shitbag

  4. Nick Owen #SVR

    Best pull your finger out and man the fuck up

  5. Karl Whitfield

    Nice work dude!!

  6. Nick Francis #SVR

    Great run JC, but do you need a hand changing your tampon ;) get your name down mun.

  7. jason cuthbert


  8. Ade O'brien

    Great run. Enter the 50. More food & drink to enjoy as you run

  9. Richard Lewis

    That's some awesome mileage JC.

  10. Stacey Farnell #SVR

    I see that you have had some great SVR feedback Jase hahaha

  11. jason cuthbert

    I love those #svr cronies

  12. James 10.57 Hutcheson

    Great run Jason you nutter!!!

  13. Adrian J.

    Jas check out enduroman.com Grantley is a good mate of my brother... puts a 50 into perspective!

  14. jason cuthbert

    I have done, many times AD, almost entered the AvonTyrell iron distance couple years back, and I have followed the A2A many times.
    It's all about the Brutal these days tho....

  15. Stacey Farnell #SVR

    Brutal triple winner did it in 54 hours-did Tenby last weekend as a shake out..

  16. jason cuthbert

    Yup, saw that Nick.
    It's completely nuts.
    But I may have to scratch the brutal itch....

  17. Adrian J.

    Grantleys journey to getting to do A2A has been something else... interesting to see how he's evolved from his first tri. He's within kissing distance of it now - not bad for a 53 year old!