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Nevada City to Downieville and Back

  • 89.3mi
  • 8,826ft
  • 5:18:50
    Moving Time
  • 3,788
  • 218
    Suffer Score


  1. Larry S.
    Larry Sussman

    Holy shit! Mad props!

  2. Dave C.
    Dave Cochell


  3. Jason M.
    Jason M.

    Thanks guys. Yeah, that one didn't feel too good. Well, it felt good once I was done, and home.

  4. Evan S.
    Evan Smith

    dude...you're a beast

  5. Chris T.
    Chris Thibodeau

    Claire saw you when she was on her way to work. She was wondering who was crazy enough to be on the river grade at 7:45am....then she saw it was you :)

  6. Clint C.
    Clint C.

    Ok good this was a road ride. I just thought MTB when I read the title and thought, no way! But now I've got you thinkin' I bet... :-)

  7. Wilman D.
    Wilman Dea

    How early did you get up to do this ride? That had to have been hella cold?

  8. Mountain M.
    Mountain M.

    How'd it feel to see the Downieville town sign without a mountain bike with you? Big ride, props!

  9. Jason M.
    Jason M.

    It was a very quiet scene in Dville. Nothing was open. The sun wasn't even shining over the hill. Super cold. Still, it did feel weird to not be preparing for a mountain bike ride.