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TT in February. Early season paincave. And Benjamin, I aaaaam sorry...

  • 23.8km
  • 227m
  • 34:48
    Moving Time
  • 986
  • 55
    Relative Effort


  1. Nicolas M.

    another kom lost ... I'll have to come back;)

  2. Stefan B.

    15, good place !

  3. Mathijs C.

    Wow what an average hr

  4. Ben King

    You sucker! Lol! 15th and 16th in the overall but you won the strava race by 4 seconds! Lol... That's all you wanted.

  5. Sjoerd D.

    Strava Suffer Score 55! work harder! lol

    Great ride!

  6. Edwin V.

    Place 15, and Lars Boom nr 1! Good luck for you both saturday. Thanks for sharing this info at Strava.

  7. Shane T.

    Mooie vlakke hartslag!

  8. Stu Fleming

    parcours was "flat and fast" according to the report. they just failed to mention the 15% climb at the end

  9. paul redfern

    Lordy your time's fast - bravo marra